Pupil Leadership:ANIMAL CARE

Colby School is very proud to have a variety of animals that we take care of. We like to encourage all our children to take on
responsibilities; helping look after our animals is a fantastic way of fostering this skill. We have a variety of animals and animal care responsibilities.


We are very proud of our chickens at Colby and have had many breeds over the years. The children in Sapphire class are responsible for collecting
the eggs and feeding the chickens on a daily basis.

Bird Aviary

In the garden we have a bird aviary which often has various birds in. We often have love birds and cockatiels. The children run a bird club which helps
feed and clean the aviary. We have been very lucky over time to have even had our own baby love birds and cockatiels.

Wild Birds

At Colby, outside every class room there is a bird feeder with some seed and a fat ball for the hungry birds to come and eat. In the garden we have
wild bird feeders and a lot of little houses for birds in winter or any season. In February we have a big bird watch and we look at some rare and common
birds in the outdoor classroom.

Guinea Pigs

In Amethyst class we currently have 2 guinea pigs. They spend some of their time inside but also have a run outside that we let them play in, when the
weather is nice. The guinea pigs also go home with one of the children every weekend and also in the holidays.


In Ruby Class they currently have 1 gerbil who likes burying himself in sawdust. The children are responsible for feeding and looking after the gerbil
and a class member is also encouraged to take the gerbil home in the holidays.


In Emerald and Sapphire they have some fish and different children get to feed them every day.