Pupil Leadership:ECO WARRIORS

Colby School has had Eco Warriors for many years.It was one of the first schools in the county to adopt them. Each year a head of Eco is chosen from the year 6 children. This child, Head of ECO, then runs the Eco Club along with Mrs Ward. Each class votes for 2 children to be ECO warriors.

The chair is responsible for running weekly meetings and keeping the school Eco friendly. Some of the issues the children discuss are recycling, animal care, litter and saving water.

The Eco club are also responsible for running an Eco week. Here are some details from Eco Week.

The Colby ECO team was keen to join Norfolk’s ‘Recycling Revolution'. Zaranne (Head of ECO) lead her team in organising a busy week filled with fun activities that raised awareness of environmental issues.

Throughout the week the team monitored energy use in all the classrooms, looking out for open windows and doors, and for any electric equipment being left on when not in use. Zaranne and her team also held daily recycling assemblies for each class, sorting household waste according to Norfolk’s new recycling plan. These assemblies were very informative and engaging for children from Reception age to year 6.

Zaranne and her team felt that it was very important that the school’s youngest members become more aware of the school environment and how it can offer a safe habitat for many plants and animals. They organised a nature walk and treasure hunt for groups of Amber class children. The teaching staff at school were amazed how capable the ECO team was in carefully guiding and supervising such young children during this activity; Zaranne in particular showed great leadership not just during the nature walk but throughout the whole week’s events.

Eco week finished with ‘Green Dressing up Day’ on Friday with the aim to raise funds for a Woodland Trust forest planted in the memory of WW1 soldiers. The school dedicated a tree in this new woodland which will hopefully provide a clean and safe home for many more plants and animals.

A great week for all – well done Zaranne and the ECO team!