The Friends of Colby School: Regular Events

Roald Dahl event Owl Regular Events

Friends of Colby School hold a number of regular events throughout the school year which are very popular with children and parents alike.

We start the academic year by welcoming parents, new and old, with tea and coffee on the playing field for the first few days of term. In late September/early October we hold a week of themed events. In 2015 the theme was Roald Dahl and we organised a creative writing workshop and an illustration workshop, Key Stage 1 grandparents were invited to come into school to read and ‘colour in’ with their grandchildren, as well as the obligatory dress-up day. In 2016 we held Animal Week which gave every child the opportunity to see, learn about and handle a variety of animals, birds and reptiles, from hedgehogs and stick insects, to meerkats, a python, armadillo, gecko, tarantula and an array of beautiful owls from Happisburgh Owls.

Key Stage 2 children also had visits from a local vet and zoo keeper to find out about career opportunities working with animals. In November we hold a Jumble sale and textile recycling event and a Quiz ‘n’ Chips night for parents and staff.

At the beginning of December we hold our very special Christmas Fayre with a variety of stalls, games, crafts, refreshments and our renowned Christmas raffle hampers. We finish the term by helping to organise a Christmas lunch for the children.

Xmas Fayre   Xmas Fayre   Xmas Fayre

Lego event Baking Competition

In the spring term we sponsor Handwriting Day, have an Easter Egg Grab in the school garden and hold a Lego or baking competition, usually during Science Week.

In April we also celebrate Superhero and Inspirational People Day where, through a variety of activities, the children focus on what it means to be a hero, talk and write about people that inspire them and, of course, they get to dress up.

In May we hold another Jumble Sale and textile recycling event and another Quiz ‘n’ Chips night.

In the summer term we organise refreshments at Sports Day and run a very successful Summer Fayre with a variety of stalls and activities spread across the school playing field. For many years FOCS have organised a sponsored ‘Beat the Bounds’ walk around the parish boundaries finishing with a family BBQ in the school garden. This walk is an ancient tradition going back hundreds of years. In 2017, this event will include a sponsored run as well as walk for the more active among us.

FOCS also run a very popular Film Club for the children twice a term and hold a weekly cake lotto where, for £1, participants get the chance to win a mouth-watering cake to take home for the weekend.

Throughout the year we hold DIT or ‘Do It Together’ Days, as and when they are required in school. FOCS are always happy to help out with school projects and in 2015-16 we have planted a willow dome and extended a willow tunnel in the garden, created and repaired play features on the playing field, painted all the school picnic benches, installed safe steps to the playing field, renovated the staff room, started re-painting the lines on the playground, and renovated and installed a 16’ boat in the garden for the children to enjoy lots of seafaring adventures.

Staff Room   Staff Room   Staff Room   Staff Room

Boat Before   Boat After

For early 2017 we are already planning some spring cleaning throughout the school and re-painting of Amethyst classroom.