Pupil Leadership:SCHOOL COUNCIL

School Council Elections

Our School Council Executive Election took place in September. Children who were interested in standing for the positions
on the Executive were asked to write a letter of application, explaining why they were the best candidate for the role.
The successful letters of application are printed below. Candidates gave speeches and answered questions in a mini hustings
and also filmed an election broadcast. A secret ballot took place, with all pupils coming to the Polling Station
(the library) to place their vote in the ballot box. You will be able to tell from the letters of application below what
brilliant candidates we had.

Candidates for Chair

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I would like to be the next Chair because I want to make this school a better and amazing place
and it will give me something to look up to and give me confidence for the future. ,

I am a good listener and I like taking in other people’s advice. I have good intentions and fabulous ideas.
If I was chosen, one of my ideas would be to set up a creative and song writing after school club. I think this would help
my fellow students express their own thoughts and ideas. Also I love to share my ideas and write songs.

I would also like the chance to continue in previous students footsteps and empower all students to achieve their potential
and have an amazing year at Colby.

I’ve also become an invested Scout member this year at 1st Aylsham Scouts and like a challenge every once in a while. I am
confident, if sometimes loud but I like taking the lead. I am kind and helpful and I always try to be respectful.

By Charlotte

My name is Marianne. I would like to put my name forward in the election to become Chair Person.
Why I would be good for the role of Chair Person.
I think my skills in leadership would be ideal for this role. For example, I was a Sixer at my Brownie group and a mini
teacher in Spanish. Furthermore, I ran the ‘Learn Your Numbers Shop’ last year for Year 3 to 6. I was Merit Badge Holder
and I am good at keeping to a schedule.
I can make sure in all the meetings everybody gets a chance to let their voice be heard. I have experience with younger
and older children. I was a frequent helper in Stay and Play, which made me able to talk to parents and interact with
adults. This will be useful because I may sometimes need to go into FOCs meetings and discuss Colby.

I love going to meetings and being a representative. I think although I am only one person I am open to a range of opinions
and will strive to finish everything on the agenda in the meetings. I can understand most children’s feelings because I
am also different which makes it easier to talk to me.

Colby School is an amazing place but you can always be more imaginative.

By Marianne

Candidates for Secretary

Dear Mrs Mead,
I would like you to consider me for the position of Secretary for the school council and I am ready to try my hardest to be the
best school council secretary ever.
The experiences that I have had that I believe would make me a good Secretary is, when I was Deputy Head of Guinea Pigs I wrote
letters to the parents that took them home. I have made rotas so people knew what days they were helping with the guinea pigs so I
know how to make grids on a laptop. I am good at word processing. Also I am fine to stand up in front of people and talk to them,
when one of my class mates didn’t have a partner to do a presentation I offered to help her and that meant I did two presentations
instead of one. I was happy to do that.
I know I have only been at Colby for one year but I think the school is such a fun, friendly, loving and inspirational place and
everyone at Colby has been like a big family to me and it has been a second home over the last year. I like how year 6 children
have a bigger role in the school, like being responsible for looking after the animals, buddying up with the new children and
helping them to settle in and roles like school council. I think helping out will mean I will enjoy year 6 easily.
I think I would be a good Secretary. I will work hard, listen carefully, make notes, be organised, help out whenever I am
needed and make the school council happy with the work I will hopefully do. I am a hard worker and will get jobs done quickly
and efficiently to a high standard. My hand writing is neat and easy to read so any notes that I make you will be able to read
perfectly easily.
At meetings I will make lots of notes on decisions we make in the meeting, listen to people’s ideas and make suggestions if I
think it is needed to add to them to make them better, work with the chairperson and treasurer to make sure we have a great
school council and make sure I help keep the school a fun, happy and friendly place. I will keep a folder with all the notes
I make and emails and letters I write in it so that nothing gets lost and it is easily accessible at a moment’s notice if
To improve the school I think the school council should get a shelf of older books in the library for the Ruby and Amethyst
readers who want a bit more of a challenge. I also think we should organise to repaint all the lines on the playground so
you can see the games and I also think it would be nice to have some giant games for the field like Jenga, snakes and
ladders and bowling. I also think it would be a good idea to have some more films for the wet and rainy days when we have
to eat indoors because we’ve watched all of them before. So I thought we could try and build up a library of films to
watch, but we might not need to buy them as we could ask parents of older children to donate films that their children
don’t watch anymore.
This is why I think I should be Secretary for the school council. Thank you for reading my application.
Yours sincerely,

Dear Mrs Mead,
I would like to be School Secretary because I’ve wanted to be it since I was in year 1 I thought it looked really fun.
I have been in Eco, Merit Badge holder and in many clubs. I am very helpful and patient and can wait for ideas.
If I was secretary we would have Halloween day that we will all have to dress up and have fun! We’ll also have a Princess
Day. Boys won’t miss out and girls won’t miss out on anything so it is even and fun.
I thought I would be good at it because I’m not loud and am very patient. I can read and write which is very important.
Yours sincerely,

Candidates for Treasurer

Dear Mrs Mead,
I would like to be Treasurer because I have been in the school ever since I was four. I have always wanted to be on the
School Council especially treasurer.
The reason I would be good at the job is I have done eco, class council and merit badge holder. I have done clubs such as
netball and cookery club. I am also very helpful, very reliable and very good at counting money. I also have great teamwork.
I thought that we could have a dance competition and a sponsored dress up day. I also have a great idea for a day where
the school comes dressed up as different countries.
I have always wanted to be treasurer ever since I first heard about it.
Yours sincerely,

Hi, I’m Tom and I want to be treasurer because I’ve always wanted to be in the School Council. I am good in a team and
working with others, because I do it in class, when I’ve played for the football team and when setting up for Stay and
Play. I am also responsible which is a good skill when helping with school funds. I am imaginative so I can think of
creative way to spend our funds for the benefit of the school. To gain money we can do fund raising, things like jumble
sales and make and sell activities. Also I could organise sponsored sport events, which would make the school money which
I could monitor. I am a good communicator, able to speak to adults, children, friends of Colby and maybe the governors.
I think I am helpful with pupils and adults throughout the school. I think I am polite which will help me with the role
of Treasurer.
I am looking forward to being considered for the position of Treasurer. If I am successful I will take on the role
seriously and work hard and do my best for the school.
Yours sincerely,

School Council Election Results

Well done to all candidates for their hard work and professionalism during the School Council Executive Election.
Marianne was elected our new School Council Chairperson.
Leah was elected our new School Council Treasurer.
Emma was elected our new School Council Secretary.
Well done – I am sure you will lead the School Council to new heights and I look forward to working with you.